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Young software development firm specialized in building outstanding financial technology for the asset management sector

What is EviDev LLP?

EviDev LLP is a young software development firm, headquartered in Surat, specialized in building outstanding financial technology for the asset management sector.

Core Mission

Build outstanding software products for the FinTech sector while developing local talent in their international careers and helping the local software developer community thrive and grow.

Global connections

Headquartered in Surat, India with strong ties to the FinTech community in Greater China and Europe, particularly to Hong Kong as a financial services hub.

Distributed team

Hybrid setup by having its headquarters in Surat and combining this with a remote interaction with our clients and developers in different time zones.

The people we are looking for

There are personal qualities that we aim to exhibit every day at work and look for in new colleagues. No one will be perfect in all dimensions but we strive to work with people who demonstrate strength in several of these areas.



- Sees problems never as showstoppers; they are there to be overcome
- Shows robustness against setbacks, conflicts and tough times
- Spreads a positive attitude and sees the upside


- Works hard to get a lot done as effective and quickly as possible
- Shows a sense of urgency and keeps agreed timelines
- Is curious and creative to find answers, try new things, suggest better ways, participate


- Can be trusted to deliver what was agreed
- Sticks to commitments and makes
- Is honest and direct in dealings with colleagues and clients
Current Openings
UI/UX Designer

Surat / Remote

FrontEnd Developer

Surat / Remote

BackEnd Developer        

Surat / Remote

FullStack Developer

Surat / Remote

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